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Stroomi B.V. is an independent B2b expert. The firm was founded in 2012

in The Hague, The Netherlands.

KvK 55871372

BTW nr. NL.8518.920.24.B01






2571 BM, The Hague,

The Netherlands












We are a business association for the 'Green Innovation Sector'. In our vision green and sustainability innovations will play a significant role in the Worldwide economy.

To achieve this, we aim to create a strong and benefit network of entrepreneurs with an interest in cross-border trading and private investment deals between the Netherlands and the Eurasian region.


Stroomi offers a variety of expertise:


- INVESTMENTS PROJECTS: to access to different investment projects in the Eurasian region, supporting cooperation with Dutch entrepreneurs / private business and conducts risk management for co-investments;


- NETWORKING: to exchange contacts and get acquainted with founders and experts on topics of current investments. We provide an information source (media online magazine) about new trends in industries and technological innovations in the Netherlands for the Eurasian region. We have access to leading experts and senior managers in relevant Dutch industries.


- SUPPORTING YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: to make access to a unique program of raising capital for global innovative private companies of young professionals and start-ups. We do trade missions to the countries of the Eurasian region. We do provide our expertise how and why to participate in Dutch exhibitions and master classes of investors and experts in the Netherlands. We are conducting specialized training programs for start-ups in the Netherlands.


- MARKETING AND BRAND PROMOTION: to provide marketing services both in the Netherlands and in the Eurasian region as a marketing research, marketing promotion of the commercial brand of our customers;


- CULTURE, EDUCATION AND SPORT PROMOTION: to provide services for Culture, Education and Sport enrichment and exchange. We help to make clear the dialogue between different cultures and nationalities.


WHO ARE OUR CUSTOMERS: Our customers come from across the corporate and financial industry, representing private capital, investment firms, successful entrepreneurs, funds, financial institutions and corporations.


Stroomi provides a link between the Dutch experience in investment management and the introduction / development of technology & innovation, as well as an extensive network of senior executives from leading Dutch companies in various industries.


Stroomi does services for any representative of the Eurasian and Dutch business who is interested in private investment deals, new technologies, innovations and commercial contacts.


Stroomi has strong connections with professionals from different sectors, both from the Netherlands and from the Eurasian region.

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