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Circular Economy: A Path to Prosperity

Experience a cleaner, healthier standard of living in the metropolis through a Circular Economy. This transformative approach not only prioritizes ecological well-being but also fosters decent work conditions, creates new professions, champions renewable energy, and reduces waste.

The School of Circular Economy embodies the essence of the EU Circular concept, paving the way for a future where sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand. Join us in shaping this dynamic vision for a thriving and resilient metropolis.


Welcome to Our Lecture Series

Dive into the intersection of Economy and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with our comprehensive lecture series. Drawing inspiration from practical experiences and local solutions in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Kingdom of Denmark, this series unveils methodologies employed to seamlessly integrate environmental concepts into urban planning and management processes. Join us as we explore innovative approaches to educating urban residents, facilitating their soft adaptation to the challenges of modern times. Engage with a wealth of insights that pave the way for sustainable, resilient urban communities.



Uncover the eco-friendly pathways championed by the Netherlands and Denmark, driving their transformation towards greener and more sustainable urban landscapes. Delve into innovative practices, including the development of city farming, harnessing renewable energy sources, addressing food safety and rational use concerns, preserving drinking water, and adopting intelligent strategies for wastewater, stormwater, and food waste. Learn about the latest in green economy approaches and growth tools that pave the way for a metropolis to evolve into a thriving Green City. Join us in shaping urban environments that prioritize sustainability and well-being.



Discover cutting-edge innovations and technologies aimed at curbing food waste in the urban food supply chain. Explore strategies to shift citizens' mindsets towards reducing food waste, ultimately enhancing a metropolis's environmental sustainability and elevating the living standards of its residents. Join us in fostering positive change for a greener and more sustainable urban future.

Discover Our Learning Approach

Join our interactive training cycle at the School of Circular Economics. Experience engaging lectures, group discussions, and insights from Dutch and Danish innovative companies through documentaries and online presentations. Coordinated by Dr. Irina Birman, PhD, as part of Innovation Media, our program blends theory with real-world applications for a holistic learning experience

About our Coordinator

Meet Dr. Irina Birman, the Senior Manager, founder, and esteemed partner of Stroomi in The Netherlands.

At Stroomi, Irina plays a pivotal role as a cultural translator, adept at bridging the gap between diverse European communities. Her skill lies in maintaining focus and motivation for all parties involved.

With a background as a Maritime Engineer, Irina brings a wealth of global experience and a profound understanding of the logistics industry. Her academic achievements include a PhD in Economics, further enhancing her expertise in shipping and port management, commercial and finance sectors, logistics, project evaluation, investigatory methods, and research.

Irina Birman and Stroomi stand as a dynamic force, guiding businesses through the intricate landscape of international collaboration with precision and cultural finesse.