Circular Economy not only opens the way to an ecologically clean and healthy standard of living for the population of the metropolis but also decent working conditions and the creation of new demanded professions, the use of renewable energy sources, and the reduction of waste.

The School of Circular Economy reflects the main ideas of the concept of the EU Circular


Economy and SDG - the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The lecture series is a collection of practical experiences and local solutions that are applied in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Kingdom of Denmark. These methods are used to integrate environmental concepts into their urban planning, management processes and into the innovative education of urban residents, for their soft adaptation to turbulent modern times.



As well as the different approaches that the Netherlands and Denmark are promoting to become greener and more sustainable, such as: developing and innovating city farming, using renewable energy sources, tackling food safety and rational use issues, conserving drinking water, and wisely using wastewater, storm water, and food waste, new green economy approaches, and green growth tools that are being used to help a metropolis become a Green City.



You will learn about the latest innovations and technologies that are applied to reduce food waste in the food supply chain for a metropolis, how to change the mindset of citizens towards food waste, thereby improving the environmental performance of a metropolis and improving the living standards of citizens.


We offer you an interactive training cycle that includes lectures, group discussions, documentaries, online presentations of Dutch and Danish innovative companies.

The School of Circular Economics is part of the thematic concept of Innovation Media:, coordinated by Ph.D. Irina V. Birman.

About Coordinator

Dr. Irina V. Birman is a Senior Manager, founder, and partner of Stroomi B.V. in The Netherlands.

Irina and Stroomi B.V. act like cultural translators between different European communities and is able to keep each party focused and motivated.

Irina is a Maritime Engineer with global experience and strong knowledge of the logistics business. She also has a Ph.D. in Economics with extensive experience in shipping & port management, commercial and finance; logistics; project evaluation; investigatory methods; and research.